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Staying Motivated to Write — how I do it!

These are tricks that are worked for me as I slogged through my newest novel draft.

6 thoughts on “Staying Motivated to Write — how I do it!”

  1. Hi Rebecca, I have purchased a vendor table at DFWCon (October 7th & 8th). If you would like to sell your books at my table, or know any self-published authors who would like to sell their books, I would love to have a few extra authors join me. This would be free for them. All I would want would be for them to help me staff the table during DFWCon. If you know anyone who fits that bill (yourself included), please have them contact me at kevinpajakwrites@gmail.com Thank you.


    1. Hi Kevin,
      Great to meet you! Thanks for the offer! However, I no longer sell my own books. I always have the bookstore do it. I hate dealing with taxes! I’ll spread the word, though. Our local chapter of SCBWI may have a few self-pubbed authors who would love to join you!


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