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A community college English teacher and regular presenter, Rebecca Balcárcel leads adventures for grade-schoolers through adults. As part of her upbeat, interactive presentations, attendees explore the writing process, craft elements, and behind-the-scenes secrets of her novel, The Other Half of Happy.

The Story of The Other Half of Happy Memories and photos from my bi-cultural upbringing, the real life that inspired the book, use of metaphors, plus how I became a writer and a glimpse of the road to publishing. (Grades 4-8; approx. 45 min.)
Fiction’s Special Effects Department — Figurative Language! The language magic in The Other Half of Happy, unveiled and analyzed. Plus the story of how Rebecca’s training as a poet helped her write stronger fiction. (Grades 5-8; approx 45 min.)
IN-PERSON WHEN SAFE: Classroom Writing Workshops Hands-on sessions for practicing “show, not tell,” story structure, using sensory language, or other topics with up to 30 students. (approx. 60 min.)
Custom topics, wider audiences, and different session lengths totally possible. 🙂

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Free Virtual Visit!
Online, 15-minute video chat with a class who has read THE OTHER HALF OF HAPPY and have prepared questions for Rebecca.

“Prof. Balcarcel is such a sweetheart! I am currently taking her class and it exceeded expectations. She manages to engage all students with very interesting lessons. Her grading is amazing; she gives good feedback. She really strives to improve your writing. Would take this again!” — Composition I student

Keynote Address:

AMAZING! One of the best I’ve ever heard! Excellent!”

Jan Peck, author

Your keynote speech was simply wonderful.”

–high school teacher

For writers and writing groups:

  • How to Get an Agent
  • What Happens After Your Sign The Dotted Line With an Agent
  • Surviving the Edit Letter
  • Creating Your Online Platform
  • The Magic of Voice
  • Show, not Tell
  • Plotting Your Novel
  • The Heroine’s Journey as Your Plot
  • How to Write a Novel (overview)
  • Let’s Write a Poem!

Rebecca would be delighted to autograph books for you! Books can be ordered through Barnes & Noble on consignment, your local independent bookstore, or from Chronicle Books.

Single session
, local: $200 (one presentation or one hour; book signing)
Half-day, local: $300 (two presentations on a morning or afternoon; book signing)
Full-day, local: $500 (up to four presentations, book signing, informal lunch chat with students or faculty/staff; can be divided between nearby schools)
Online, 30-min. video chat visit: $100; 15-min. visit FREE
Out-of-town (over an hour from my home in DFW, TX): add travel expenses/mileage and meals
**These are a guideline, but Title I schools can try to team up with a nearby school or contact Rebecca. Also, a visit can be customized to your needs.

Click over to Appearances to see already scheduled events. Rebecca teaches full-time at a college, but has some afternoon and Friday availability.

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We’ll have an adventure together!