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A community college English teacher and regular presenter, Rebecca Balcárcel leads adventures for grade-schoolers through adults. As part of her upbeat, interactive presentations, attendees explore the writing process, craft elements, and behind-the-scenes secrets of her novels.

At school visits, kids get a behind-the-scenes look at my writing process and the life stories that inspired my books!

“Prof. Balcarcel is such a sweetheart! I am currently taking her class and it exceeded expectations. She manages to engage all students with very interesting lessons. Her grading is amazing; she gives good feedback. She really strives to improve your writing. Would take this again!” — Composition I student

Responses to Keynote Address:

AMAZING! One of the best I’ve ever heard! Excellent!”

Jan Peck, author

Your keynote speech was simply wonderful.”

–high school teacher

Sample topics for writing groups:

  • How to Get an Agent
  • What Happens After Your Sign The Dotted Line With an Agent
  • Surviving the Edit Letter
  • Creating Your Online Platform
  • The Magic of Voice
  • Show, not Tell
  • Using Metaphor Magic
  • Plotting Your Novel
  • The Heroine’s Journey as Your Plot
  • How to Write a Novel (overview)
  • Let’s Write a Poem!

Rebecca would be delighted to autograph books for you! Books can be ordered through Barnes & Noble on consignment, your local independent bookstore, or from Chronicle Books.

Fees (approximately)
Single session
, local: $300 (one presentation or one hour; book signing)
Half-day, local: $400 (two presentations on a morning or afternoon; book signing)
Full-day, local: $600 (up to four presentations, book signing, informal lunch chat with students or faculty/staff; can be divided between nearby schools)
15-min. virtual visit: FREE
Out-of-town (over an hour from my home in DFW, TX): add travel expenses/mileage and meals
**These are a guideline, but Title I schools can try to team up with a nearby school or contact Rebecca. Also, a visit can be customized to your needs.

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Let’s have an adventure together!