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Hand Rhyme Videos!

THE OTHER HALF OF HAPPY includes Mirabel and Crista doing a hand rhyme called “Cho co la te.” Here’s a video of one version of it:

Quijana wants to teach them an American hand rhyme called “Say, say, my Playmate.” Watch one version here:

And here’s another fun one, “Down, Down Baby,” which appeared in the movie BIG. It has several versions, too:

And what a cool four-person clapping pattern in Nigeria!



In the THE OTHER HALF OF HAPPY, Quijana learns to play guitar from YouTube. I learned to make origami guitars from YouTube! These are my wobbly first attempts.:

You can learn too! I learned here:

Quijana also folds napkins into interesting shapes. Here’s a video for The Rose, The Pocket, The Crown (hard one!) and more:

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